Understanding Pi Coin

Pi Coin is a new kind of cryptocurrency developed by the Pi Network. It’s still in the testing phase, which means it isn’t available on public trading platforms yet. This unique digital currency aims to be accessible to everyone with a smartphone, making mining cryptocurrency possible without needing expensive equipment.

Pi Coin’s Current Status

Pi Coin is not yet tradeable. It is in a phase called the testnet. The developers at Pi Network are preparing for a move to the mainnet, which is the final product where transactions are recorded on a blockchain. This transition is crucial for Pi Coin to become an active currency in the digital market.

Preparing to How to Sell Pi Coin

Step 1: Wait for Mainnet Launch

The first step to selling Pi Coin is to wait for its official release on the mainnet. This will mark the currency’s full functionality.

Step 2: Set Up a Digital Wallet

Once Pi Coin goes live, you will need a digital wallet. This is where you store your Pi safely.

Step 3: Listing on Exchanges

After the mainnet launch, expect Pi Coin to appear on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This is where you can start trading.

Step 4: Trade or Sell Pi Coin

With Pi Coin listed, you can trade it for other cryptocurrencies or sell it for traditional money, depending on what the exchange offers.

Table of Crypto Coin Stats

Here is a comparison of Pi Coin with other popular cryptocurrencies based on their accessibility and potential usability:

CryptocurrencyStatusAccessibilityUsability Potential
Pi CoinTesting (Testnet)HighTo be determined
BitcoinLive (Mainnet)MediumHigh
EthereumLive (Mainnet)MediumHigh

At Which Cost I Can Sell Pi Coin

As of the latest updates, the price of Pi Coin varies slightly across different platforms, typically hovering around $43.46 to $47.84 per PI. The exact cost at which you can sell your Pi Coins would depend on the market conditions at the time of your transaction and the platform you choose to use​ (coinbase)​​ (Binance)​.

Which Exchanges and How to Sell Pi Coin

Currently, Pi Coin is not officially listed on any major exchanges and cannot be sold in the traditional sense as it remains in the enclosed Mainnet phase. The Pi Network has specifically advised against engaging with any unauthorized third-party exchanges that claim to list or trade Pi. As these activities are not approved by the Pi Network and could lead to potential scams or financial losses​.

For the accurate, real-time price and potential future listings, it’s crucial to stay updated directly through official Pi Network announcements and trusted cryptocurrency information platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Current Graph of Pi Coin Worth

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a real-time graph here, but you can view the current and historical price movements of Pi Coin. Financial platforms like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap that offer detailed charts showing the fluctuations in Pi’s value over time.

Keep an eye on the official Pi Network announcements for updates on when Pi Coin may be available for public trading and on which platforms. This information will help ensure that you are trading safely and in compliance with the network’s guidelines.

Is Pi Coin is Relaible Should We Invest In it?

Deciding whether Pi Coin is a reliable investment requires careful consideration, as it involves evaluating several factors about the coin and its network:

  1. Stage of Development: Pi Coin is still in the testnet phase and has not officially launched on the mainnet. This means it’s not fully operational on a public blockchain, which is a critical step for any cryptocurrency aiming to gain widespread adoption and utility​.
  2. Official Listings and Exchanges: Pi Coin is not currently listed on any official cryptocurrency exchanges. Pi Network advises against using any third-party exchanges that claim to list or trade Pi due to potential risks and scams. This advice restricts the ability to trade or liquidate Pi Coin, unlike other cryptocurrencies traded on established exchanges.
  3. Promises vs. Reality: While Pi Network’s vision includes making cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyday users via mobile devices and building a vibrant ecosystem around its coin. These goals are yet in progress. The network’s success and the coin’s value will depend on the realization of these ambitions and the subsequent user adoption and network growth.
  4. Regulatory and Security Considerations: Like any cryptocurrency, Pi Coin’s future will also be influenced by regulatory changes in the cryptocurrency market. The security of its network, once fully operational, will be another critical factor that could affect its reliability and value.
  5. Community and Developer Support: The strength and engagement of Pi Network’s community. Along with continued development and updates from its creators, are positive signs. However, community support alone isn’t always enough to ensure the success or reliability of a cryptocurrency.

Given these factors, it’s essential to approach Pi Coin with caution if considering it as an investment. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research, stay informed through official Pi Network channels. The inherent risks of investing in a cryptocurrency still in its developmental phase. Always consider diversifying your investments and consult with a financial advisor to align such decisions with your overall financial goals and risk tolerance. I’ll recommend you don’t do investment in this coin.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Pi Coin be available to sell?

Pi Coin’s availability depends on its mainnet launch. Keep an eye on official updates from Pi Network.

How can I prepare to sell Pi Coin?

Set up your digital wallet and watch for announcements about Pi Coin getting listed on exchanges.

Can I exchange Pi Coin for other currencies now?

No, Pi Coin is not yet available for exchange until it enters the mainnet phase.


To sell Pi Coin, you must monitor its progression from the testnet to the mainnet. After its official launch, set up a digital wallet and wait for the coin to be listed on exchanges. Stay informed with the latest updates from Pi Network’s announcements. Selling Pi Coin will become feasible once you complete these steps.

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